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Ice Bucket Challenge

Guys, we really like to raise Funds and Awareness. And what better way to raise Funds and Awareness than by making a video for the ALS!


Milk Challenge

Everyone knows the Milk Challenge is one of the harder challenges there is. But who better to tackle such an event than us. We’ve been drinking milk since birth!


Self Shelf in Action

Talk about Great Opportunities! This is your Opportunity to see our new Invention in action! If you send us a message, we can probably get you in on the ground floor for Investing in this apparatus before it goes into Mass Production. Also taking orders!



Hey Guys, Check out our new Invention, It will probably change the world! This invention will solve world hunger as well as world thirst. No more carrying Jugs on your head back from the River!


Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye – Cover)

Here we perform a nice cover of a really popular song using a lot of teamwork and musical skill.


Funeral of a Snowman

We mourn the loss of a great friend in this episode. Hope he is looking down on us from the North Pole.


Nature Documentary

Here we show off our narration skills as we talk a bit about nature and certain creatures you might encounter next time you go for a walk with David Suzuki.

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