T N C’s Tips

Snow Shovelling Tips

In this important episode, Tugg N Chugger address what measures to take after a huge snowstorm. If you have a blower or live in Cancun you can probably skip it, but otherwise you need to watch this video!


Cooking Tips

We wanted to help people with some ways you can make your meals taste more like fine dining.


Garage Sale

In this episode, we give some of our best tips for raising funds in case you ever run for Prime Minister. We ran one of the most unsuccessful Indiegogo campaigns of all time, raising a grand total of $0 in over two months, to prove that modern fundraising tactics are completely hopeless when compared to something more traditional such as your standard Garage Sale.


Workout Video

In this episode we give some tips for having a great workout and getting into shape for summer.


Barbecue Safety

In this episode we address some tips for important barbecue safety measures.


Music Lesson

Today we give you guys all the most important tips to becoming a musician who can really wow the crowd, even when wasted


Acting Workshop

In this episode we let out a lot of secrets from “The Method” which is the acting technique famous actors like Ryan Reynolds use to make you more believe what’s happening in movies. This is one of two ways to act, the other being Ian Mckellan’s “Pretending Technique.”


Film and Movie Making Course

For the low introductory price of $0, we are offering our expertise with this course on how to make films, movies, or videos that will rival anything you might see from directors such as James Cameron.

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