Audition Vids

Tugg N Chugger Submit to the Dragons’ Den!

After a Highly Successful application to the Much VJ Search, we have decided to go into Inventions! What better way to fund your campaign to be Prime Minister than through a series of Highly Successful inventions?! Check out the video we submitted to the Dragons.


Tugg N Chugger Audition to be the Next Much Music VJ!

Here is our audition tape to be the next Much Music VJ. This is the path most Prime Ministers have taken in their journey, so we are excited about the opportunity!


Hitler Finds Out Tugg N Chugger are Running for Much Music VJ!

While Hitler was living in the Big Brother house, cameras captured this footage of his spazz attack regarding Tugg N Chugger’s efforts to become the next Much Music VJ!

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