Kraft Dinner Competition

If you haven’t heard, we came back from Montreal Fringe DECORATED, almost as though it were a salmon derby. Now here’s your chance to learn some of secrets when it comes to competitions, with a behind the scenes look at the 5th Annual Kraft Dinner Challenge. You’re about to get served…KD!


The 13th Hour

So guys, here is our video featuring our appearance on the 13th Hour Show, which is one of the top rated late night talk shows next to Jay Leno and Morton Downey Jr. We really hope you enjoy the video, and we also hope you enjoy our tweets at:


Montreal Fringe 2012

We are bringing our campaign to Montreal Fringe in June with Tugg N Chugger’s Midnight Barbecue!


Summer of Love

While in Montreal, we learned a lot about the interworkings of love: Who has it, what they do with it, where to buy it, how much it costs, how much tax you have to pay for it, how much you can get when reselling it second hand at the pawn shop. Here is just a short tribute to our summer of love!


Tugg N Chugger’s Midnight Barbecue Trailer

Here we celebrate what would prove to be a very successful run at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2012. It was intimate. It was interactive. We were nominated for the Just For Laughs Best Comedy Award. And we found a box of Kraft Dinner on the sidewalk outside the venue.


Tour de France

A really nice Greyhound trip brought us to Montreal for some campaigning. Watch as we globetrot and see the sights that there are to behold across the French countryside. Tugg talks to individuals and learns that people are angry about the Harper government and are demanding some really practical changes.





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